The day is long

when you are stuck at home with the flu.
Why do people need to give status updates that they are sick?
I see that a lot and I fall victim to it as well.
The minute my temperature went up to 101.2, I had to let everyone know. 
First my momma.
Then my brother.
Then all of twitter and facebook.
Just in case anyone else was sick, we could all feel connected.
and then pinpoint who got me sick in the first place.

So what do you do when you are home sick?
First I sleep in. 
Then I waddle out of bed and freshen up and change into sweats.
Then the rest of the day I am on the sofa. 
But I look around and feel like I should be doing something beneficial. 
So I start to vacuum. 
and then I start feeling sicky again and I pushed myself too far. 
Then back to the sofa and veg out and embrace the sicky blues.

What I pinned today while I was on the sofa:
I told you I couldn’t rest!

These are my obsessions this week.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest< /div>


I hope you are all feeling better than I am!
But here’s to much needed rest. Cheers. 



  1. says

    Haha it’s ok. Everyone is facebook crazed! And I”m sure a lot of those peeps could sympathize with your symptoms…somethings been going around! Cute blog!! :)

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