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Fly Away Friday

Hi everyone and happy Friday!
Once again, it’s Fly Away Friday and I have another special guest, Melissa.
Melissa is living in Holland, and I thought that was in like Europe.
Nope, Holland, Wisconsin!
I actually really wanted to know what was going on in Wisconsin, so Melissa was happy to share!
Take it away Melissa

Hey there!

My name is Melissa and I blog over at living holland.

I was thrilled when Lauren e-mailed me asking me to guest post over here on her sweet blog!
(A big thanks goes out to Lauren for having my shenanigans over here!)
Anyway, today I am going to share with you a little bit about where I live, Holland, Wisconsin and a little bit about the nearest city to us, Appleton, Wisconsin.
Holland is an unincorporated town located approximately 20 miles south of Green Bay, Wisconsin
 (I hope you’ve heard of the Green Bay Packers!)
It is located in the general area of the little heart above. 
Holland is known for its fun, awesome, exciting nightlife farming.
Yes, I’m serious, farming.
We have more cows around here than people. haha
We have one restaurant in town and one gas station. No stop lights. Simple, honest, country living. 
Luckily, since I’m not always into the quiet lifestyle we are about 10 miles east of Appleton, Wisconsin. The city nearby provides me with balance.
If for some reason, you have a layover/connecting flight or business trip to Appleton, I’m going to tell you where to stop and where to stay. 

The Copper Leaf Boutique Hotel, Appleton, WI. You want to stay here. By far the nicest hotel in town and it is located right downtown near food/drink/anything else you’d need during your stay in Wisconsin. It also has an awesome spa. 


Katsu Ya of Japan, Appleton, WI. OK this picture is kind of crappy-looking and I hope you LOVE sushi. Katsu Ya is located right across the street from your hotel. This is the best sushi in the area.

Option 2:
Pullmans, Appleton, WI. OK so lets pretend you hate sushi. Pullmans has a huge menu and the food is delicious (I always get the salmon with dill). There is a free trolley service in downtown Appleton. Hop on the trolley at your hotel and head to Pullmans. It is right on the waterfront and is a beautiful place. I am getting married there next year! You won’t be disappointed.

In Downtown Appleton there are 2 museums, about 458634895764 bars (lets get serious, its Wisconsin) and quite a few speciality shops that sells CUTE, CUTE things that you want and need! 
If you ever end up in Northeastern Wisconsin, stay in Appleton and go to the places listed. You won’t regret it, I promise! :)
Are you a small town or city person?
Are you a sushi lover or hater?

Thanks for reading about the place I call home and again, thanks to Lauren for having me!!
Feel free to click above and stop on over!
Have a great day! 

Hope you guys enjoyed another city visit!
Head over to Melissa’s blog and say hello when you can, I know she will enjoy the blog love:)

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11573906991666088642 Haddock

    Had been there last year (Amsterdam)
    The first time I had sushi was at Marken Island, and fell in love with it (both Sushi & Marken)
    The next time when I come that side I will visit Katsu Ya.

    Some people have all the luck with guest posting…. sigh :-)
    (all the best …….. your wedding)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10260929257743466500 christinerojas

    Hey girlie! I’m interested in the button swap :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08155995780816962821 Lauren

      fantastic! what’s your email? I’ll send you info!

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