the night I met my boyfriend

Let’s go back to 2004.
I had just moved back to San Francisco from Richmond, Virginia and loved exploring the city. 
I was working at Abercrombie and Fitch, the huge one that is on Market St. 

Whenever I had cash in my pocket, I loved going out with friends to local bars.
I was living with my momma again, so I didn’t have rent to pay.
 I didn’t own a car anymore, so no more car bills.
No school debt. 
Nothing owed. 
Life was great, the world was my oyster!

One night, a friend and I wanted to check out this lounge my brother recommended. 
Sake Lab.
While sipping drinks and taking in the scene, all of a sudden this lounge
 turned into a club right before my eyes.

Blinds were drawn, the lights went out, strobe lights turned on, music started pumping.
It was unreal.
Then I locked eyes with this cutie.
I had a little bit of liquid courage, so I went right up to him.
“Hey, I like your shirt”, I said to him.
“Hey, thanks”, he said to me. 
He was wearing an Abercrombie shirt, I worked at Abercrombie. 
It was a match made in heaven.
His friends talked with my friend aka distracted her so he could talk to me alone.
We found a small booth and laughed about everything.
He lived in my hometown of Los Altos.
He went into the high school I should have gone to if I didn’t move to Virginia.
I won him over because I knew about the S2000 he drove and loved his Palm phone. 
The rest is history.
7  years later, we are still together.
The is the actual picture of the night we met. 

This is at a bar this year. 
Not much has changed, just more in love. 
Now you can sighhhhh.



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