Cardstore | Review

I was recently contacted by Cardstore to review one of their cards. I knew this would be a great site to try since this is my first year as a married woman! Married woman = organizing and sender of Christmas cards.

cardstoreI carved out some ‘me-time’ to sit down and get my Christmas cards done. I feel like I am going to blink and Christmas will be here so I put it on my calendar to make it happen. It couldn’t have been easier or faster to get my cards done in 30 minutes. The hardest part was actually choosing a card design!card storeAfter choosing a card design, I found out you can use Facebook and Instagram to upload a picture!

card store upload a picture

I changed the text and voila, my first Christmas card was made.

Cardstore Christmas CardCardstore went one step further to make sending Christmas cards super easy on me. I uploaded my addresses and Cardstore will address my cards, stamp them, and send them all off. Yup, I am all done and it was easy as pie.

I was offered one card, but when I went to Cardstore, they were running a special that made all holiday cards just 49 cents each! You know how much I love saving money.

I would use this site again in a heartbeat. It was so easy!

  • Amber Thomas

    I LOVE that you could upload the pictures from Facebook or Instagram… Usually I can’t find the picture that I want to use, but I’ll know that it’s on one of my favorite social media. :)

    • Lauren

      Totally! All the good pics get posted:)

  • Micah @ Unabashedly Me

    I love CardStore. So much. It’s a great service that I will be using plenty!!

    • Lauren

      Me too! I already got a notification that all the cards are in the mail now!

  • Tausha

    What a genius idea! How do you pay for postage?

    • Lauren

      You pay through Cardstore. You can choose for them to mail you all the cards or pay the postage and they will mail it for you!

  • Niina, It seems pretty obvious

    Your cards turned out really nice! I think I’ll do something like this next year :) Merry Christmas!

    • Lauren

      It was incredibly easy and I didn’t have to go out and buy stamps, I loved it! Will definitely do it again next year!