Pink on the Cheek Goes Green

I have been thinking about this subject of going vegetarian since I was a little girl. Once I realized where meat came from, I got really sad. Then when books like Food, Inc and Skinny Bitch came out, I really started to look at not just where my meat was coming from, but where ALL my food was being made.

It’s been about a week since I had meat.

Last night, I made burritos with grass-fed, organic ground beef. About an hour after the burritos, my stomach was upset with me. I even woke up this morning with a continued upset tummy. That’s when I knew that after eating meat-free for the past week, it really agreed with my body. So, I am making a conscious decision to go green.

pink on the cheek goes green

My husband, being the supportive man he is, said I will cave when I smell bacon. I will just have to show him this video and I think he will understand where I am coming from.

I even read the book, Eat Right 4 Your Type, and Dr. Oz agrees that your blood type plays an important part in your diet. Since I am type ‘A’, I should be eating soy foods, grains, and organic vegetables. No wonder I feel good without meat in my system!

This is all new for me, and my husband will not be going down this all green path, is anyone out there a vegetarian? I would love to hear about some fabulous recipes that I can incorporate into my meal planning!


  • Tausha

    AHHH!!!! Good for you! There was a video last week going around FB about baby pigs being beaten to death (it showed it) & I literally ran to the toilet to throw up. Crap like that makes me SERIOUSLY think about going green. I cannot wait to hear more about how you are doing….

    Do you think you will occasionally eat meat or are you 100% done? (I know you had an upset tummy) but what about Thanksgiving/Christmas ham…etc.?!

    • Lauren

      That video of the pigs last week and of the cow plant, really threw me over the edge. Having an upset tummy was my indication that meat is not agreeing with my body. It’s funny, I hear all the time about people going vegetarian and slipping and eating meat and it makes them sick. BUT you never hear of a meat eater eating veggies and getting sick! I think I am going to slowly wean myself off. If I can help it, I will eat fish or veggies. I love Honeybaked Ham, but there’s got to be an alternative!

  • Nadine

    I became a vegetarian about two years ago now and I’m really happy with my decision. I do eat fish and seafood on rare occasion, so I guess I’m technically a pescatarian. I never find it hard to find things to eat at restaurants but occasionally I do consider how much easier it would be to eat chicken again. Still, I can’t bring myself to do it because I’m such an animal lover.

    Here is my absolute best vegetarian advice: any time you crave bacon, make something with smoked gouda in it. I make a tomato and smoked gouda quiche usually. For some reason the smokey flavor seems to make you feel like you ate bacon.

    Good luck!

    • Lauren

      I love smoked gouda, that’s a good idea! I think fish will be my source of protein instead of meat. I would say chicken, but like you, I am an animal lover and I feel guilty. Thanks for the advice!!

  • Laura @ happilyeverparker

    Being an animal advocate I tell myself all the time that I should go vegan as well. Curious to hear how it goes with you! Bacon would be my weakness as well!

    • Lauren

      I will just have to learn to live without it. I couldn’t go vegan, but I can definitely do almond milk!

  • Kate @ Another Clean Slate

    I’ll be interested to see how you do. I could probably go without meat but I’d likely gain a ton of weight as my go-to food would be straight carbs :)

  • Jessa Olson

    That’s amazing. I would love to learn more too.

  • Ashley Mc. Glass

    I’ve been a vegetarian since i was 10! you will never regret this decision (: definitely try one or two (or more!) of your meals raw- whether that’s a green smoothie or a salad or a mono meal of only one kind of fruit (: and don’t get caught up in all the fake meat stuff- while they are tasty, they are not healthy… save those for special occasions (soyrizo breakfast burritos are a GREAT hangover cure).. email me if you ever want to chat

    you go girl!

  • Ashley Mc. Glass

    also… you get ALL the protein you need from plants. please dont’ feel obligated to continue eating animals just because Big Pharm and the Media say you “need x amount of protein”.

    gah.. i could talk forever on the topic… eat your plants and carb up!