Pet Box Review

Mochi Loves Pet Box

Mochi knew immediately that this package was for him.

I was happily surprised when we received our Pet Box so quickly. It arrived just two days after ordering! Mochi is always aware of the mail truck when he enters our neighborhood, so when the mail man rang the doorbell, Mochi was already excited.

Pet Box

Mom, open the box!

Mochi digs Pet Box

The Pet Box was loaded with treats and goodies. Mochi received two types of treats (teeth care and skin care), a blue bow tie, urine remover, and a cool poop bag holder. (Yup, I said a cool poop bag holder! It grabs the bag of doodle and stays on the leash so you don’t have to hold it in your hand.)

nom nom

Nom, nom.

Pink on the Cheek loves Pet Box

How is Pet Box different from the pack?

- It’s the only box for both cats and dogs that offers premium pet goodies where you can pick exactly goes in it
- All products are made in the US
- Toys and treats are customized by dog or cat size
- When you order a PetBox, it ships within 2 business days
- For every purchase, the company feeds rescue animals with the help of a new partner called Bogo Bowl
- Every Friday, the huge shipment of dog & cat food that is sent to rescue shelters is picked by PetBox fans

This is the first monthly subscription box I have received for Mochi. Compared to other boxes, I think this one is perfect because you can pick out what your pet will receive in the package. Since Mochi has allergies, this is amazing because one month I could pick all toys or all bath products.

In the end, I think the price is very reasonable for the flexibility and assortment of items of this subscription box. Plus, I love to spoil my dog.

Thanks to PetBox for giving Mochi the opportunity to review this subscription box.


  1. Melissa says

    This looks like a great subscription service. “My” dog lives with my parents, otherwise I’d sign up! I love that its for a good cause!

  2. NookAndSea says

    Dah! So fun. They also have Bark Box which is like Birch Box but for doggies that I soooo wanna try! Miss reading your little corner of the web. I’m back in mine ;) Hope we can catch up soon!

    • says

      AHHHHHH where have you been?! I wish I still lived in the OC for more blog meet ups. My dog was OBSESSED with this box, you should try it!

      • NookAndSea says

        I know, right? Sorry for the lameness in falling off the face of the planet! Where are you living now?? Are you in SD? We need to meet up at a mall again. Or some place with food. I feel this is in order ;)

          • NookAndSea says

            What! Holy moly! That’s awesome, we LOVE San Fran. Actually jetting up there for a weekend in June to stay with some good friends. Perhaps I can sneak out early one morning and we can grab coffee!

    • PetBox says

      PetBox is different because you can customize your box for your pet instead of being surprised. That way you can choose if you don’t want grooming items or treats that month:)

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