Easter Inspiration

Happy Easter Everyone!
Thank for you being here on Easter Sunday and sharing your day with me.
Hope that you are able to spend the day with your family and if you are not with your family today, that you are spending it doing something you love. 

On Saturday I hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. When the kids got there at 9am, immediately they wanted to run and grab the eggs. That is understandable. Then I escorted the families to the lounge area so they could drink fruit punch and coffee, eat donuts and fruit and relax. I wanted to make sure that all the kids could get there and everyone start together. 
I couldn’t hold them off any longer and at 9:30 I separated the little kids to a sectioned off area and set the big kids off to hunt the eggs. 
No joke in 10 minutes all 300 eggs were found. 
I never knew that kids could run that fast for eggs. 
I never knew that kids would push others for the eggs.
I never knew parents would be grabbing tons of eggs for the kids?!
I was exploding, I couldn’t believe that parents would be grabbing eggs away from little tiny kids who were just so cute with their little Easter baskets and scooping them up for their 12 year old child.
Gah. It was crazy how ravenous people are for some simple candy in a plastic egg. 

On to my Easter inspirations.

When I get my dream home, one day I will look to these inspirations to decorate for each and every holiday.
Because I am that girl that HAS to decorate to alllll the holidays.
Source: bhg.com via Robyn on Pinterest


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12590534605834342092 Kara

    Love the inspirations! That’s so sad about the parents. We had an egg hunt at work yesterday for all the employees and I made sure I got my eggs! Some had money so it was a little necessary for the snatching! ;) Glad you’re having a good Easter!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08155995780816962821 Lauren

      Thanks Kara! I wish our eggs had money in them, score! Hope your Easter was great as well!