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How to Use WordPress

May 7, 2014

After moving from Blogger to WordPress, the new platform threw me for a loop. EVERYTHING felt different and it look me awhile to get my footing. I just moved Angela to WordPress and she too feels a little lost. So, here I am to show you how to use WordPress!

how to use wordpress

Publishing your first post

After accessing your WordPress site, you will be shown a dashboard.

To publish/write a new post click on “Posts” in your dashboard on the left and select “Add New”. This will take you to a new post.

Visual Tab: This is how your post will display visually on the blog

Text Tab: This is how your post looks in HTML format

Post vs Page

After clicking “publish” on a post, this will be displayed on your site and on your feed.

A page is a “static” page that does does not appear in your feed. Examples of pages are: contact, advertise, about me, etc.

What is a plugin?

Basically, a plugin extends what WordPress can do for you. To add a plugin, on the left side dashboard click “Plugins”, and select “Add New”. You can search for a plugin or upload a plugin.

Some of my favorite plugins that help me:

Pinterest Pin-it button

Contact Form 7 (you can see an example of this on my contact page)

Yoast SEO Plugin (Easy way to perfect the seo on your posts)

Akismet (blocks spam comments)


I hope that tutorial helps you get to know WordPress a little better. As always, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

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Lauren lives in the Bay Area with her husband, Ernie, and their dog Mochi. When she isn't blogging, you can find her at CrossFit or a local happy hour.
  • Angela Livingston

    love you friend! I always come straight to you when I have any questions. I know that if by slim chance you don’t have the answer, you’ll still point me into the right direction. Thanks hon.