My First Flyaway Friday Post

I am doing something unique and I want you ALL to join.
On Fridays, I am having guest bloggers share stories about their cities/towns from all over the country.
I want to know 
What do you love about your city?
Where is the best place to grab a margarita?
Have a favorite park you go to?
Basically, what makes it rock your socks!

I have a couple of bloggers from around the states lined up to tell you about what is going on in their neck of the woods. So please keep checking in on Fridays!
I can’t wait to virtually visit all these places every week. 
So please put your seats in the upright position and your tray tables up, we are ready for take-off!

Hey, new “Pink on the Cheek” friends!
 Lauren invited me to guest post today and I was thrilled to accept. 
So, I know the drill…let me introduce myself in a quick little blurb.
I’m an aspiring fiction author, I love ice cream and working out but not both at once (though I’ll admit, one time I did try to eat a bowl of ice cream whilst walking on the treadmill), I have two fake teeth and I’m married to an engineer who works on things I don’t even vaguely understand. Check out my blog if you’d like to know more about us :)
This guest post is about food and I consider myself an expert taste-tester of two groups of food: frozen custard (but that’s a separate story) and Mexican food.
My husband and I are Mexican food junkies. In fact, you could say that he won my love with Mexican food – our first date was to the only Mexican restaurant in our small town after one of his high school soccer games. 
When we moved away for college, we adopted a new favorite Mexican joint and they came to know us so well they literally had our orders memorized! 

In January, we moved from Missouri to Los Angeles and the first thing we did (once we’d at least thrown our unopened boxes into our new apartment) was go out in search of a new Mexican restaurant to call our own. What we received was an enormous surprise.

Our favorite thing about Mexican food is a little piece of heaven called queso dip. 
It’s a creamy, white cheese fondue/dip you can eat with your tortilla chips. We’ve been to several places so far and we’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that queso dip does not exist in California. 
Not just that, but Mexican food is so much different here than in the Midwest. At one restaurant we were disturbed to find French fries and whole stalks of green onions hanging out in the fajitas we ordered. 
 Who put those there?! 
Is this normal?? 
At another restaurant, I received a chimichanga that was almost the size of my entire body. 
And there was an egg inside it…pretty tasty, but not something we’d ever seen in Missouri.
So far, the best place we’ve been is Don Antonio’s in West L.A.
 The atmosphere is fun, the food is DELICIOUS and it’s very reasonably priced. However, still no queso dip. 
And I swear, I won’t rest until I find it here.
Native Californians, help me out, please! 
What are some amazing Mexican places around Los Angeles/Orange County? Where are you hiding my queso dip?
 And what vegetarian-friendly menu items should I check out?

Head over to Andrea’s blog stat and let her know where she should be in eating whether it be in Los Angeles or Orange County!
My pick for Mexican food in the OC?
Javiers in Newport Beach!


  • Allie

    There’s two places near where I live and have the best Mexican food!

    Not sure if they have this queso dip (have never heard of it), but I sure would like to try some if you find the place! And I love Javier! That place is delish!

    • Andrea Dickherber

      Thanks for your suggestions! I see many days of Mexican food in my near future (and I’m pumped!) :)
      If we DO find some queso dip, I’ll definitely update!

  • Autumn

    Love this!

  • How sweet it is

    Thanks for the target fedora tip! Im a new follower and lovin it!

  • Celeste

    When I lived in LA my absolute favorite Mexican restaurant was Casa Vega. It’s in the Sherman Oaks/Studio City area, and it is SO good. I’m from Texas, by way of Oklahoma, so I have a fierce obsession with queso as well. Casa Vega does have a queso-like dip, although its more stringy cheese than creamy like normal queso. But give it a shot! I still insist on going to eat there every time I’m back in the area :)