What I Pinned This Week

Hey Ya’ll.
I haven’t been pinning that much lately,
 but I am definitely starting up again since I want to start eating at home . 
We have been going out to dinner too many nights and I am tired of eating either fast food 
or spending a lot of money at restaurants. 
I enjoy cooking but it’s time consuming, especially after a long day at work. 

What are some of your go to recipes when are too tired?
I usually make pasta with chopped tomatoes, canned tomatoes and garlic.
 It’s really simple to make and no joke. It costs less than $5 for all the ingredients!
That is my kind of meal.

But off to see what pinterest has inspired me to do this week!

Source: google.com via Teresa on Pinterest

This is so true for me on birthdays, valentines day, and new years. 
Source: piccsy.com via Ana on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Svetlana on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Nicole on Pinterest                        Photobucket