Petit Coulou Car Seat Cover Review

With our winter baby making her arrival in January, we want to make sure she stays warm for any outdoor outing. Temperatures in Colorado can dip well into the 20s and while we are not expecting to leave the house when it’s this cold, we want to be prepared for any occasion. Enter the Petit Coulou Car Seat Cover.

We received the Petit Coulou Car Seat ECO cover and it is the first and only cover on the market to be made from 100% recycled polyester with Thermolte EcoMade insulation.

Petit Coulou Eco Cover in Licorice.

Petite Coulou Eco Cover

This gorgeous car seat cover is in the color Licorice but it also comes in Moka – a taupe brown.

When looking for ways to keep our daughter warm when we are outside, Petit Coulou became the ideal replacement for a snowsuit. As she is going to be very young throughout the 2022 winter season, we most likely will not be heading up to the mountains and need a snowsuit. But, as it still is very cold in Denver, we will get lots of use out of this car seat cover.

The Petit Coulou Eco cover is designed for temperatures down to -22F – 50F. If she does get too warm in the cover, there are two ways to ventilate the car seat.

This YouTube video is incredibly helpful in showing how to install the cover and how to properly ventilate.

What I love about this car seat cover is the quality of materials used and the overall aesthetic in design. From the polar-lined interior to the (synthetic) wolf fur collar, it just looks and feels luxe. I am SO EXCITED to see our daughter in the car seat and this cover this January!

While accessories such as the matching baby beanie and keychain are not included with the cover, it does come with a removable insulated backing to increase warmth for long outings.

Of course, when she arrives, I will be sharing lots of adorable photos of her inside the car seat. But if you are looking for a unique gift idea for new parents, this would be a wonderful present!

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Shop the Petit Coulou ECO car seat cover here.