Second Trimester Update

Honestly, where did the time go? January 2022 felt like a lifetime away when I found out I was pregnant in May. Now, with just two months left, it’s time to share my second-trimester update!

I knew that my second trimester was going to be busy, but I kept my stamina from July to November.

In late summer, Ernie and I decided to move to Denver from the Bay Area. It was the biggest decision we ever made, but we knew it would be best for our growing family in the end. Also, under the advice of friends making the move before having the baby would be much easier!

Throughout August and September, we spent as much time as we could with friends and family before our October move. With our anniversary, birthdays, baby showers, and lots of get-togethers, the months FLEW BY. Before we knew it, we were hitting the road to Denver.

Settling into Denver had been relatively smooth. Normally, I would have everything unpacked, pictures hung and boxes cleared out within a weekend. But, baby girl has kept me pretty tired most days. After working a full day, the last thing I wanted to do was unpack boxes!

Looking back at my second trimester, there have been a few key items that have made my pregnancy a bit easier.

Second Trimester Must-Haves

Maternity Clothes

First off, don’t fight it – pregnancy clothes will make you feel better. I thought I could get away with stretchy pants and loose shirts, but I felt frumpy.

When I was in Virginia, I went to a clothing consignment store and picked up a few maternity clothes. I instantly felt more like myself since my clothes were properly fitting me again. No more peek-a-boo belly tops!

After getting back, I picked out a few more maternity clothes to get me by. I wanted something cozy to travel with to Denver since it would be much colder than California. This Ugg cardigan absolutely fits the bill. I am also happy to say that even at 30 weeks, this cardigan still can button up over my bump!

Pregnancy Safe Skincare

Oh wow did my skin change during my second trimester? Especially when we got to Denver, I felt like my skin was so itchy and dry.

With my sensitive skin, I love using Derma-E products. Funny enough sometimes when I use itch-relief soaps from Aveeno, it makes me itchier! So, when I received the Eczema Relief Cream, it was used up within two weeks! I already picked up another jar at Walmart so I don’t run out again.

Another addition to my pregnancy skincare was 8 Sheep Organics. This magnesium body lotion is meant to help the aches and pains of pregnancy. Initially, in my first trimester, I was feeling great! But right around 20 weeks ago, I experienced round ligament pain. Which sometimes took my breath away! But lotion did help, especially at night when I needed to lie down and relax. Worth keeping in your bathroom for when cramps flare up!

Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow has been by my side since I was about 10 weeks pregnant. When I was spending the night at my mom’s house or my friend’s, I had zero shame in bringing this giant pillow with me. It is so worth it – even if it does take up a lot of space on the bed.

Before I was pregnant, I slept on my stomach. Since I can’t lay on my stomach, this pillow has made the transition to side sleeping very easy. When I need to turn over in the night, I am so appreciative of the extra support this pillow gives me.

So, there you have it! My second trimester was a blur of fun memories. I am so thankful that baby girl and I are still doing well. Besides some round ligament pain, I feel good!

Now I am working on the rest of my baby registry and building out her nursery. If you have any recommendations for must-have newborn items, let me know!

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