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First Anniversary Weekend

On September 1st, Ernie and I will have been married for one year. You know when they say that the first year of marriage is the hardest? They ain’t lying. 

Prepare yourself for a long post.

wedding cake

One month before we got married, the condo we were renting was put on the market. We had to leave our beloved condo. It was the cheapest, most awesome place we ever rented. No one below us, no one above us, huge cathedral ceilings…le sigh. It was a good one.

Five days before we got married, we both quit our jobs to move back to the Bay Area. It was either stay in Orange County and pay high rent, or move back home and pay high rent. We wanted to move back home at some point so we figured it was huge sign to move out of the OC.

During the week before our wedding, we were packing up our apartment, having strangers come in for tours AND finalizing wedding plans. I was stressed out of my mind.

The condo sold the day we got married, we had 30 days to get out.

Ten days after we got married, we moved up to the Bay Area. We had to make it in two days because we didn’t leave Orange County until 5pm so by the time we got past Los Angeles with a Uhaul truck carrying Ernie’s car and me following behind him in my car with Mochi, I was exhausted. I was too sleepy to keep on driving so we had to get a hotel for night in a town called Santa Maria. Coincidentally, my new last name is Santamaria. Cute, right?

We ran into a Walmart to get deodorant and toothbrushes because we hadn’t planned to spend the night in a hotel on our move up. All our stuff was packed it the truck like fools. Then we found a hotel and snuck Mochi in. The next day, wearing the previous day’s clothes, we made the rest of the trip up.

Since we had just quit our jobs, we moved in with Ernie’s parents. Not the most ideal situation for newlyweds, but they took us in with loving arms. It was definitely an adjustment living in someone else’s home. Our privacy was gone, we only had Ernie’s bedroom for space, and we were definitely missing our own place. Mochi on the other hand – LOVED IT. He had a constant parade of attention whichever room he entered.

I was lucky enough to find a job within a month of moving back to the Bay. So my days of sleeping in and lounging around with Ernie were cut short. Ernie on the other hand decided to open his own firm with a friend from law school.

Then on February 11, the scariest moment of my life happened. My husband suffered a stroke while leaving his office. You can read the full post here. We spent about four days in the hospital and for long time I thought my husband was going to be taken from me. It’s a miracle that Ernie’s speech came back and he was able to walk normally. He even said that he barely remembers February through April after the stroke.

He had a minor heart surgery in April to close the hole in his heart, which we think is where the blood clot came from and went to his brain. We cannot know for sure how he got the clot in his brain, but I am praying we solved it with this surgery.

Ernie and I are so thankful that he is doing finally doing okay.

So now, we are on the anniversary of our wedding and needless to say, this year has been a whirlwind.

Through all the challenges we have been put through, I cannot imagine my husband not being here with me. He is truly my rock and my one man support system. Ernie knows just how to crack me up when I am in a down mood. He gives the best advice and I always cherish his words.

Lauren & Ernie


**If you are in the planning stages for your wedding. Check out MyWedding.com. The website is a great resource for vendor research, making a personal wedding website, and creating a budget. Since Ernie and I haven’t been on our honeymoon yet, I am still finding the travel section to be really helpful in our planning process.