How to Make Money Blogging: Part 1

In this series, I am going to show you how to make money blogging. If you are like me, you find the success of other bloggers to be inspiring. It’s amazing to think that these bloggers have turned their hobby into a full-time career.

Please remember, these bloggers (Pinch of Yum, Moms Make Money, The Daily Positive) have been doing this for a long time. This is not an overnight feat. But I promise if you stick with it, you could actually bring in extra income while blogging.How to Make Money Blogging

Sell Ads and Services on your blog

Passionfruit AdsA lot of bloggers are confused as to when to offer ads on their blog. I say, you can start swapping ads for free from Day 1. With Passionfruit Ads, this is easy to accomplish. Within 5 minutes you can be swapping ads with other blogs and shops. They have different paid plans but if you want to try it out, they have a free plans where you can swap unlimited ads, buy unlimited ads, and there are ZERO added fees and NO payment processing. One of the best features of joining Passionfruit Ads is their marketplace. Here you can search through thousands of bloggers like yourself who are swapping ads.

After you feel comfortable swapping ads with blogs and shops, start offering a small banner ad that includes something extra that the free swap ad is not already offering.

For instance, your free swap can be for sidebar banner only. While your small ad space can include a banner ad and a blog mention in a post. Or if you have a strong following on social media, include a social media shout-out.

Really stand out on your Passionfruit Ads profile

You will want your blog to stand out in the marketplace, so make sure you make a great profile page. Heavens to Betsy and Venus Trapped in Mars have great profiles that share a lot of information about what they are offering for their ads and services.


How to Stand Out on Passionfruit Ads

I really like that Venus Trapped in Mars showed her analytics in her profile. She’s got a lot of page views and it shows the buyer that they are going to have their ad seen by thousands.

Final Thoughts

  • You can start getting your blog brand known by swapping ads (AKA buttons) with similar audiences
    • Tip: If you are a craft blogger you might not get a lot of traffic if you put your button on a fashion blog. Find other bloggers in your niche!
  • Find other bloggers in the Passionfruit Ads Marketplace
  • After feeling comfortable with swapping ads, offer a small priced ad with extra services
    • Tip: Keep swaps as sidebar banner only
    • Offer sidebar banner ad INCLUDING a blog mention and/or a social media mention for a small fee
  • Have your profile stand out in the PassionFruit Ads Marketplace
    • Share your stats
    • If you have a lot of page views, include a screenshot of your analytics


I hope that you enjoyed Part 1 in this series. If you have any questions about this post, leave a comment! I would be happy to help :)

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4 Ways to use the HP x360

Thank you to HP for sponsoring today’s post #BendTheRules #ThatBassTour

Today, I want to share 4 ways to use the HP x360. This incredible computer has 4 modes that allows you to work and have fun while on the go. Let me show you what I mean.

4 ways to use HP x360: Laptop Mode
I love that my schedule is flexible enough that I can grab lunch with my husband. But sometimes it’s a working lunch. With the HP x360, my husband can take a work call, reference a document, AND eat lunch with his wife.

tablet mode

Luckily, we can still fit in some fun during our lunch. Here my husband is checking out a CrossFit video. By the way, who signed up for the CrossFit Open??

Speaking of CrossFit, I used my HP x360 to share some videos at the box. We are working on snatch practice!tent modeIn tent mode, the HP x360 is an awesome way to watch videos. Yes, this can be used for more than CrossFit videos :)

My favorite way to use my HP x360 is in stand mode. Or what I like to call…Netflix mode. netflix mode

Want to know something even cooler than watching Friends in bed? HP is out on the road with Meghan Trainor for her #ThatBassTour. Click here to get more information on tour dates and behind the scenes action of the tour with the HP x360.

It’s a lot of fun to see Viners and ‘Grammers collaborate with Meghan during her tour stops. Follow #BendTheRules and #ThatBassTour on Instagram, Vine, and Twitter so you don’t miss out on all the fun!

So I gotta know, what are your thoughts on the HP x360? Would you see yourself using this computer?

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How to Pack for Seattle

I am headed to Seattle this week for four days + I couldn’t be more excited. The weather is pretty comparable to San Francisco so here’s how to pack for Seattle.

how to pack for seattle

1. Grey Sweater // 2. Dark Jeans // 3. Heart Sweater // 4. Chambray Shirt // 5. Bootcut Jeans // 6. Polka Dot Jeans // 7. Black Puffer Vest // 8. Grey Sweatshirt // 9. Black Tote // 10. Black Slip-On Sneakers // 11. Leopard Flats 

I wanted to fit everything in my carry-on luggage so all outfits had to be versatile. I also packed an umbrella. It is Seattle after all. 

If you know of a great restaurant I should visit while I am Seattle, leave a comment for me!

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President Day Sales

President’s Day Sales are a hidden gem this Valentine’s Day. I have picked out my favorite items on sale this weekend that are also perfect for gifts!President's Day Sales

1. Steve Madden Ecentrcq //Use promo code PRESIDENT for 20% off at Steve Madden

2. Steve Madden Elvinn Leopard High Top // 40% off at Nordstrom

3. Downing bucket bag //  extra 40% off sale with promo code WEEKENDMUST

4. Kindle Touch Screen // Only $59 on Amazon! (How to see all available Amazon Lending Library books)

5. Stila ‘Putting on the Glitz” Lip Set  // $35 at Sephora

6. bareMinerals “7 Ways to Bare” eyeshadow set // $24.50 + additional 25% off with promo code EXTRA

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

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Favorite Font Combinations

Are you obsessed with fonts as much as I am? I found this AMAZING website where you can preview all of your fonts at once! helps you choose the perfect fonts for your blog or online project. Make sure you bookmark this site, I have found myself using it all the time!

Since it’s Tech Tuesday, I wanted to share some of my favorite font combinations to use for my blog.
Favorite Font Combinations

VeryBerry // Birch Standard

Amatic // Janda Elegant Handwriting

Bebas Neue // KG All Things New

Langdon // Nella Sue

Love Tech Tuesday? Download your free iPhone wallpaper and your February desktop wallpaper.

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