Top 10 Dorm Must-Haves

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It’s back to school time and this season makes me nostalgic for my college days at Chapman University.

Since a lot of parents are preparing their children for freshman year at college, I wanted to share some items that will make your college student’s life a little easier. Top 10 Dorm Must-Haves

Keurig Brewing System // Mini Fridge // Saucer Chair // Kleenex// Headphones // Storage Bins // Printer // Curtains // Towels // Vacuum

College is stressful enough. These items will definitely help make your 1st year at college easy.


Do you know how many times I would be running in the library, trying to print an assignment out last minute, just to find there was a line of students or no ink at all? Too many. So I suggest getting a printer for your room so you don’t get in a panic at the last minute.


These will be your best friend when you are studying. Some people just don’t have the “quite gene” and are loud talkers. Put these babies on and you will drown all other sounds out.


You will get sick at college. It’s a given. With that many people around, you will catch a cold and be holed up in your dorm room for awhile. The box is cute enough to leave out all the time.

Mini Fridge

Save those meals you don’t finish from the cafeteria! Also, this is a great place to store snacks so you don’t have to go all the way to the cafeteria.

Keurig Machine

I definitely drank way too many cups of coffee while in college. This machine is great because you can brew one cup at a time!

Saucer Chair

Sometimes you need more seats for when friends come hang out in your room. This is foldable so you can store it under your bed when you don’t need it.


It’s important to keep your space clean! No one wants to sleep in a dirty dorm. This vaccum is small enough to stay out of the way.

Storage Bins

Makes everything organized when you are living in small quarters.


Because you just might get the dorm next to the street light. You need your beauty sleep and these curtains will keep the light out.

Bath Towels

It’s a small luxury to have soft, fluffy towels.

If you are looking for dorm essentials, check out my Pinterest board for more ideas!

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