Life of a Blogger

I used to feel incredibly guilty when I would go a day or more without writing a blog post. Blogger guilt used to run my life. Now, I feel like it’s quality over quantity. I would hate for my posts to be forced for the sake of putting something up.

No matter if I only blog once a week or 5 days a week, I will consider myself, a blogger. Since becoming said blogger, I have seen life a little differently.

For instance, I am easily swayed by items like cutesy mason jar mugs, planners, and even shirts that display my blogger status. Sorry, budget. Erin Condren Life Planner Mason Jars Blog a Lot Shirt

 Erin Condren Planner /Crystal Faye Mason Jar / Blog A Lot shirt 

I feel the need to document everything.Document Everything

While I love using my phone for quick picture taking, I love using my DSLR more. Yes, I did consider myself a pro blogger when I shelled out the cash for the camera :)Canon T2iIMO Camera Strap

Canon T2i + iMO Camera Strap

PS – I love my new leopard camera strap. The padding makes it comfortable around my neck, plus it had quick release buckles for easy strap removal.

Being a blogger, I also spend a LOT of time online. Sometimes it annoys my husband when I tell him I’m working. But all he sees is Facebook and blog posts.

I even run a Facebook group for bloggers, called Grow Your Blog. In the group, you can find answers to your blogging related questions, blog comments for your posts, and even blog critique for your design.

Honestly, this blogging thing is more than a hobby for me. I love talking about things I am passionate about, even if it’s about fonts. But seriously, the right font can make all the difference.

Life of a Blogger

Document Everything

I used to feel incredibly guilty when I would go a day or more without writing a blog post. Blogger … [Read More...]

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