Biggest Blogging Mistakes

This blog has been live since 2011 and I have made some of the biggest blogging mistakes since the first post I published. This post is for you newbie bloggers who are looking to step up your blog game.

Blogging Mistakes

1. Blogger

I wish I had know how terrible it was going to be to migrate my blog from Blogger to WordPress. For about a month my blog was a HOT MESS of 404 errors, images not showing up, and pages not loading at all. I was in tears. The thing is, I tried to go back to Blogger to fix my mistakes. That screwed things up even more (which I didn’t think was possible). Finally, I had to suck it up that blog wasn’t going to be perfect for awhile.

Why do I use Wordpress? I love the control I have with my blog. The girls at The Well have a fantastic post about the pros and cons of WordPress vs. Blogger.

2. Pictures

Pictures make your posts SHINE. I cannot believe I would upload and publish crap pictures that were small and unedited. They were all different sizes and just screamed “I have no idea what I am doing!”

For example: BPBUTTON lauren tory burch

This last one was a doozy. If you have to take a picture with your phone, PLEASE edit them as best as you can. There are tons of amazing apps you can use to make your pictures pretty. Some favorites are Afterlight, VSCO Cam, and A Beautiful Mess.

Also, see that picture in the middle that says “Happy Birthday Lauren”? I didn’t take that picture. A HUGE mistake that I was doing was going onto sites like We Heart It and Pinterest and using pictures that weren’t mine. I can’t say this enough, THIS IS A BIG NO-NO. If you need pictures to spice up your blog, you can use FREE stock images. Some sites that I use now are Lime Lane Photography and MorgueFile.

3. Posts

Listen, if you can post 5-7 times a week that’s fantastic. But, if your posts are just nonsense or low content…you are going to loose me as a reader. Like this post I wrote in 2012.  (The images won’t show because I did a horrible migration from Blogger and lost them…see #1) Um…what was I thinking. Who wants to hear me  talk about a tree in my front yard? I am cringing because I even changed the color on some of the words in the post. Lesson learned.

Also, this post from The Wonder Forest hits the nail on the head…hard. Wondering why you aren’t getting blog traffic? Nobody cares.  Your beautiful blog might get your reader in the door, but your content is going to make your reader want to come back.

Also, proof read your posts before hitting publish. Saying that you make a lot of grammatical errors is no excuse. It just means you don’t care enough to go back and fix them.

4. Social Media

This is a fantastic way to drive new and current readers back to your blog. I also highly suggest branding yourself on your social media pages. Take Jen from Tatertots and Jello‘s social media pages. tatertots and jello

I love that all of Jen’s social media pages are “Tatertots and Jello” branded. She shared her blog url on all of the pages and clearly explains what her blog is about. I took a step out of Jen’s playbook and all my social media looks like this:


It’s crazy to ignore this free way to drive people to your blog. Pinterest and Twitter are my top two referrals on traffic. It’s not sponsoring other blogs, it’s the free social media sites I am using. But once again, don’t post or tweet just to tweet. It’s not an overnight process, but make meaningful connections with your audience.

5. SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is a word I ignored for a long time when I started out blogging. I use the Yoast plugin on my blog and before I hit publish, I make sure the SEO check light is green. Once again, Dana from The Wonder Forest puts it better than I can. Here is a great post of SEO Basics for Bloggers.


Have you committed these blog mistakes? Or did I leave any of your blogging mistakes off my list? Share them below in the comments!



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